Speaking Roses Dominicana

Frases Estandares (Ingles) (Frances) (Portugués) (Ruso) (Dutch)


Be Mine!
Enjoy Your Stay!
Find Me Here And Speak To Me
For My Best Friend!
Forever & Ever
Happy 25!
Happy 6th Month
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday con Bizcocho
Happy birthday gisele
Happy Mothers Day
Have A Nice Day!
I Am Sorry
I Love You!
I Love You! (con grafico corazon en la "O")
I love you (love con forma de corazon)
I Love You Genesis
I Love You So Much Babe!!
I Need You
I want To Feel You, I Need To Hear You
If I could change the world, I'd be with you
It'S Boy
It's Girl
Just Be Happy
Like Good Wines…
Love you baby
Lucky I´m In Love With My Best Friend!!
My Baby
''Never love a wild thing''
Perfection is in You
Thank You
Thinking of You
We Belong Together
Welcome Back (carita feliz)
Where I Find Peace Again
would you be my girlfriend
You Are My Purpose
You are my sun, my moon, my everything
You are so special to me
You Are the hope that kepps me trusting
You Are The Light That Is Leading Me To The Place
You are the lito my soul
You Are the person who makes me happy
You Are The Strenght That Keeps Me Walking
You Get better with age


Ik Hou Van Jou (Te amo)



Con Muito Amor y Carihno



С Днем Рождения Rubia (Feliz Cumpleaños Rubia)



Avec toi la vie est Rose (Contigo La Vida Es Rosa)
Boone premiere annee Je t aime (Buen primer año, te amo)